Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rockpool Toadstools

Rockpool Toadstools, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

It was a beautiful evening when I got home from work. Clear blue skies, t-shirt warm and not a breath of wind so we headed to the beach. The tide was on its way out and the water was like a millpond and the light was wonderful.

My partner went on the hunt for glass while I got to work building something.

This beach is just around the corner from Half Moon Bay at Heysham where we collected all the glass for the sculpture I built on Sunday. What was interesting was that there was very little on this beach despite it being so close to where there was loads of glass to scavenge. Not sure why but I find it interesting.

We were down there for a few hours and it was strange not to see anyone else on such a beautiful, warm evening. But I spoke to soon. The silence was interrupted by someone on a quad bike thundering along the beach. Despite the beach being huge he decided to ride straight towards me. It wasn't like I was hidden from view crouching behind my tripod he obviously wanted to see what I was up to.

He rode right up to the rockpool with the sculpture in it. I was sure he was about to ride through it destroying it.

"Can you go around please?" I said.

"What's that mate?" He replied.

"It's a sculpture."

"Don't worry I won't run it over" he said then went on his way. Why he rode straight towards me in the first place I can't quite work out but there you go.

This picture is pretty much how it came out of the camera. The low strong light produced strong contrast and the still water did the rest.


Pete Woodruff said...

Richard I'm confused though its going to turn out I should have searched your blog before making this comment, but back to my confusion. I've been to Cockersands and seen this same 'Rockpool Toadstools'......I'm now scratching my head!

My Very Kind Regards


Richard Shilling said...

Hi Pete, I am confused what you are confused about. Are you saying your saw this sculpture (I am very surprised if you have - it was very flimsy) at Cockersands and wondered what it was? It was very small and probably quite hard to spot. Or are you saying that you've seen real toadstools down there?

Yours confused too.


Pete Woodruff said...

At this stage it looks like I'm making a fool of myself (and in public to make matters worse). OK lets put it another way with a question....have you made a 'Rockpool Toadstools' at both Heysham and Cockersands? as this is where the confusion sets in with me. Still standing by the way at Cockersands.

If the hole I'm digging myself into gets any bigger we must go private Richard or I get the insanity tag!



Richard Shilling said...

I made this at Cockersands on Wednesday evening. It's the first time I have made something like this, I haven't done anything similar at Heysham.

They're still standing? Really? I would be extremely surprised. They were stones balanced on short sections of driftwood that were only just held up in the mud I placed them in. They were only in a cm or so. Any wind or the tide would have certainly destroyed them. They were very flimsy.

Did you see them on Wednesday? They may have been there in the evening as I built it just after the tide had gone out. We left there about 6.15pm. They are quite small though and they were built near to where the cairn was. Perhaps there is something that looks similar there.

You'd be hard pressed to beat me in the insanity stakes Pete so you better try harder! You should see the looks I get skulking around on the beach. Who cares what anyone else thinks?!

All the best.