Friday, May 08, 2009

3 Coloured Pebble Lines

3 Coloured Pebble Lines, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

This is a video of the 3 coloured pebble lines I made last year.

(As with all videos on Flickr they work best if you click play then pause - let it all download - then watch it).

It's been very, very windy the last few days which has prevented me from making the sculptures I want to as the wind would destroy them in seconds. I hope it calms down this weekend as I am itching to get something done.

My partner and I tried out something yesterday, it didn't quite work, which is unfortunate as I thought the associcated antics were quite amusing.

The Land Art Connections project theme for this month is "Air" and I had collected some blossom and I went looking for a place where the wind was whirling round so I could create a blossom storm. with the cameras running I started to release the petals and apparently this looked quite funny. (I don't know why it did but my partner is as childish as me and finds the most benign things hilarious).

She was laughing so hard she nearly wet herself (she told me later) at least she was until she got a huge mouthful of blossom (the amount of blossom was large rather than her mouth ;-)). Then I nearly wet myself instead! I wasn't popular. But who wouldn't laugh at someone coughing up pink petals? It's not something you see every day is it?!


Leah said...

oh now I want to see what the footage of the petal storm looked like!

Anonymous said...

I find your hving a humongous followers box at the top is annoying; it puts your stuff below the fold and I have to scroll down to it every time. If I didn't already know your art was good, I might not bother.

Richard Shilling said...

Apologies. I have moved it. I hope that it works better for you now.