Sunday, May 03, 2009

Autumn in Spring

Autumn in Spring, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

I've been mulling over some new ideas and I have been pondering how to capture movement, air and the wind in a still picture.

NB. As an experiment I think this piece worked but as a finished article it does not. It taught me lots so that I can improve it the next time and but I normally like to post something that I am happy with. I am not happy with the result but I also put up everything I do so that I have a record. Added to that this video took 10 tries to upload!

We toured quickly around the park to find a few leaves, checking out the two sculptures I did yesterday. They are both still there but looking a little tatty. I wonder if anyone has noticed them?

In a clearing I looked for a patch of sunlight and ably assisted by my camera assistant who took the photos (she probably prefers another title) and trying to ignore the gawping dog walkers I tried to carry off a good impression of a tree in Autumn.

"Are you ready?" I said.

"Yes I am ready, just say when."

"Go" I said.

"You didn't say when" she said.

"Ready?" I repeated, then she fired off another volley of shots.

"I haven't dropped them yet, I thought you wanted me to say when?"

"Say when then."

"Right now - go."

"You didn't say when!!"

So folks the lesson is communication is as important as an artistic bent. Otherwise pictures of the forest floor just don't cut it.

The sun moved away from the spot we were working on and hopeful we had got at least something, we headed back to the car.

I chucked camera and tripod in the back and then went to pick up some lovely red leaves that were adorning the pavement. Bent over and looking at the ground a voice said "are you Escher?"

"Errm, yes I said" a little taken aback and really perplexed how he knew who I was.

"Noone else would be picking up red leaves like that" he told me.

So hello to Litrate another Flickrite, it was very nice to meet you. He was off to go and photo that stripey field I saw the other day. We discussed the idea of a Flickr meet on Clougha. I think August 12th may be an auspicious date. Anyone agree?!

I am still a bit amazed that anyone would work out who I was, but Litrate is obviously very astute! ;-) I guess I don't know that my behaviour singles me out into a group of one. That would certainly explain the thoroughly rude stares we were getting this afternoon. If you want to know what I am doing just come and ask, simply staring just puts me off!

It's been quite an interesting Flickr day for me. What with meeting another Flickrite and for rock balancing and land art to have featured in the Flickr Blog. My views/faves/comments have sky-rocketed and lots of new contacts have been made. Thank you Flickr.

This was made for the Land Art Connections project May theme - AIR - using new tree leaves, air, gravity and sunlight! At Fenham Carr, Williamson Park, Lancaster, Lancashire, England on 3rd May 2009.

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