Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sandstone Stack Timelapse Movie

This is the time lapse movie I made of the rock sculpture I did yesterday. You're probably getting bored of me saying it but click play then pause to download the video then once downloaded you view it with stuttering. And you'll need to play it twice. The first time it plays an AVI it seems to go at 4 times the speed it should. The second time should be fine. I have no idea why.

It was interesting to see that the rainbow arches I made yestreday weren't very popular despite getting a few views. That is very useful feedback for me so thank you. I hope that it means that the comments I do get are genuinely because you like something and if you don't like something as much then you don't favourite or leave comments. I really hope my assumption is correct because it should mean what you are writing are genuine, useful comments rather than just being nice!

There were a lot of people around yesterday in the park and I felt rushed and a bit pressured and didn't put enough effort into all the things I normally would. I think it shows and it seems so do you. Resting on my laurels (as opposed to making something out them!) is not good and constructive feedback will keep me focussed on doing what I do to the best of my ability.

Also please know that I do read every single one of your comments with great interest and I really appreciate the time that everyone gives to write comments on my pictures. I may not answer everyone individually (but I would like to) but I take a lot of notice of what every single person writes. I appreciate it a great deal.

I had many 100's of new contacts made last weekend and it will take me a good while to be able to look at everyones photos as I like to do. So please don't think I am ignoring anyone or not grateful for the kind words you all have left me, its just that I am a bit swamped at the mo and have too many projects on the go at once. A lot of my effort is going into two books I am compiling at the moment, I hope to have them finished soon.

It is also quite challenging to keep coming up with new and different ideas whenever I make something so it may be time to step back for a little while and refresh my inspiration. (However I am always saying that as I expect my ideas to dry up any moment as I don't know where they come from but the ideas do seem to keep coming)! So I hope everyone sticks around if I do take a short break, I still want to share what I do with everyone if you want me to.

A few hours sat at my desk at work will soon put me in the right frame of mind though. It only takes a little pointless shuffling of papers to help me come up with some fresh ideas to carry out! Who would work a job with so little creative content? Me and countless millions of others I am sure.

Have a nice rest of the weekend whatever you are up to.


Ps. Apologies for the lack of humour but my comedy writer has gone on holiday!


PLUMe said...

wow you never stop. i just remember a few month ago when you where on travel (Nepal). and now so many land art works. so cool. a stimulation for me

madradiant said...

as monday looms... i know what you mean about the humour labotomy... the sandstone stack is amazing.. cant believe it stood long enough to have a photo taken at all.....

Richard Shilling said...

Thanks Emmanuel. I do seem to be a bit obsessed at the moment!

Jane: Yes it was a Monday looming doom thing. The stack was a lot thinner than it might appear. Probably only 4 inches deep and I have some great video of it swaying. It seems that you can make them a certain way so they move enough to dissipate the wind's energy yet stay in equilibrium. I find the tension between it surviving and it's imminent demise quite interesting. It seems reminiscent of nature and how most things are in subtle balance between survival and death. I guess like how populations of predators and the prey stay in balance, yet each is a step away from death.