Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Hazel Spheres on Water

Hazel Spheres on Water, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

Well I have a confession to make. I am not a land artist at all, I am a dinner artist. Here is a picture of three of the brussel sprouts I had for my dinner. And I would have got away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids!

It's been grey and wet for days and since all this weekend's shenanigans I've been feeling a little overwhelmed and not in the right frame of mind to make anything. I've been replying to all the mails I have had and thanking everyone for their kind words. I joked that it might be ironic that after being put on the Flickr blog that my creative inspiration would dry up. Fortunately that hasn't happened yet and as the weather has finally dried up instead, I headed out after work.

When I was out collecting leaves at the weekend I visited a hazel tree and I loved how it's leaves were new and fresh and curled around into a little bowl. I am sure they flatten out as the develop so I made a mental note to make something that shows off the curve of the leaves. The obvious idea was a sphere. I have been trying to make things that reflect the time of year. The circles I make from hazel won't be possible later in the season as the wood will be too stiff to shape and I suspect the hazel leaves won't be curved enough later on to make spheres so easily.

A few weeks ago I made three hazel balls but those were tiny. I don't think anyone could tell the size of them from the picture but the leaves were very small and delicate. Now the leaves had grown so the balls would need to be larger.

I collected some leaves and headed down to the stream near where I live.

As this was an after work excursion I didn't have much time to get it finished but everything was going well and my idea was taking shape in a sprightly fashion. I was starting to get excited as it was coming together well and I aws going to get a photo (must be an obsessive land artist's thing).


Just as I had nearly completed the third ball the middle one dropped into the water.


Often I tell myself that preparation is all important. If you don't get the early stages right it generally means that you need to go back and start over. Despite knowing this, my normal way is just to crack on and see what happens. Not a wise strategy.

I finished off the third one and then started on the middle one again. All the while the first one was happy on its perch. A couple more leaves and I'll be done.



The little ******** seemed to be doing this on purpose! Each time I would get near finishing them all another one would decide to go for a swim! Arrgghh!

I thoroughly scolded them and they promised to behave so I set about remaking the first one. They were good to their word and stayed dry this time.


PLUMe said...

this picture with the movm├╣ent of the water is really beautifull. a godd land artist is a good photographer too. i am not for the the moment but you are. A good teacher for me. i will continu to learn seeing your work. thanks teacher!
May i ask you what is your camera?

Richard Shilling said...

Hi Emmanuel,

I have a Canon 40D. Photography is simple: Practice, practice, practice! It isn't about what camera you have, it is how you use it. The same as with land art. It isn't the materials it is how you use them.