Saturday, May 16, 2009

Robin Hood's Bay Stack Film

Robin Hood's Bay Stack Film, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

Normal blurb. Click play then pause, let it all download then watch.

I tried several things this morning but I didn't finish anything to the point where I wanted to take a photograph. I tried working with some new materials with some success so I hope to make something along those lines soon. It's the first Saturday I haven't managed to make anything for ages (well I did make something but it will adorn the mantelshelf rather than Flickr for now) and it is probably down to having a stressful week and having to travel for work the next two weeks. As we all know absence makes the heart grow fonder, I hope that is true when it comes to land art.

This is a film we made at Robin Hood's bay on the Yorkshire Coast. When we arrrived the weather was fine but as you can see it deteriorated. The wind strengenthed and I thought the stack would topple quite soon. I was extremely surprised to still see it there the next day.

The story about building it is here.

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PLUMe said...

amazing, ok, you got me. my next creatons will be on pictures and on video. i say it for a long time but before the half of July you will have my land art video on your flickr group. each time i read your blog i love more and more land art
so where is my camescope now?