Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Blogged on Flickr!

Everything has gone completely mad! On Saturday the Flickr blog did a post about rock balancing and amongst the linked searches were some of my pictures and I got a load more hits on my photos and blog, more than I had had ever before - at least twice or three times the number of hits. I was very chuffed.

BUt then yesterday afternoon I was on Flickr again and noticed another increase in activity. I thought it was strange as things has calmed down a little after the rock balancing blog post. Then I noticed one of my pictures on the Flickr homepage. I clicked on it and found Heather had done a Flickr blog post about me and my land art. I nearly fell off my chair! Currently one of my photos is on the home page of everyones Flickr!

Since then things have gone completely mental! I have so many hits its untrue - at the moment I am getting 30-40 times the most I have ever had before. I can't believe it!

I am getting exposure that I could have only dreamed about. What have I done to be so lucky!

Thanks to everyone for their kind comments, I really can't tell you how much they mean to me.


More later....


PLUMe said...

the talent man it's only that. congratulations

Marion BE said...

How fabulous! But then you've been doing some spectacularly beautiful art. My most recent favorite is the kebabed leaves.

Sarah said...

You have been thinking about I expect! I've been experiencing quite alot of 'coincidences' recently...thoughts coming right..it's exciting

well done great stuff

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't talk about luck, your art is simply unique and it's getting the attention of so many people because of that.

I discovered your photos by pure chance (and some good tagging) a few months ago and ever since I tell everyone about your pics; and I bet I'm not the only one.

Hopefully, all this will bring you the recognition your art deserves and get you a few quid ;)

All the best!

Pete Woodruff said...

An excellent and well deserved way for the world to go mad on you Rich and a reward you are very much entitled too.



Richard Shilling said...

Thanks guys. Its been an amazing couple of days - 50000 hits, 600 new contacts and so many comments. Quite unreal and overwhelming. I've moved off the home page now and things are beginning to calm down. It would be quite funny if I now develop artists block when confronted by a whole new audience!
Just kidding. Its been raining non-stop almost for two days. I hope it isn't too long a wait for the sun. I miss those leaves already!

Cheers to you all


Nastia Tikk said...

It's all because of you! You do great job )

kadfoto said...

That's how I discovered you. And, I'm very glad to have done so! Your work is beautiful and inspirational!