Saturday, May 23, 2009

Copper Beech Pyramid

This is the second thing I made today (I will upload the other one later) and a pyramid was the first idea I had. At first, though, as I tried to make something I experimented with triangles and it seemed a pyramid might be too difficult. But as I finished the triangle sculpture and had learnt a lot about their construction I decided I would try to make one anyway.

The triangles came together quite easily and I was sure that it would be easy to join them together. Wrong! There is always a sting in the tail with everything I make and this was not going to be an exception. Cue much swearing, sticking of thorns into fingers and frustration at getting the pyramid made. The slightest curve in the triangle frames meant they didn't mesh together but as (nearly) always I perservered.

At Littledale several troops of scouts were hiking. The leaders were parked up nearby as from there you can see the whole route that they were walking. I set up my camera at Baines crag and spooked a young buck deer who started to gallop down the road. This wasn't going to be his day though as he careered straight towards a large group of scouts coming up the road. This wasn't what he was planning as he made his escape.

This pyramid is made from hazel twigs and reed grass pinned with thorns to make the frames and copper beech leaves to make the sides.

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Pete Woodruff said...

Another one of your ingenious creations Rich. Copper Beech is my favourite tree and this is in my view simple yet brilliant.