Monday, May 11, 2009

Colour Leaf Sun Star

Colour Leaf Sun Star, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

This was super hard to get a picture of.

It is still very windy here but the sunshine is strong too. I had to be really careful when making it to shelter it from the wind as it is (was) very fragile. I tried several times to make a new circle but the sticks are starting to change and thicken up and it was incredibly difficult to get it curve and to stay in place held with thorns. And the thorns I used were new and not strong and they snapped over and over again. It was very, very frustrating. Even when I had it completely assembled they still kept snapping and even while I was shooting it I kept having to replace the thorns holding the leaves on numerous times. And then the little circles kept falling off too!

I searched for a spot near home to set up the picture so that I could work out what to do ahead of time as it wasn't go to survive very long in the wind. I picked a place and dashed home to get my camera. We put a box over it to protect it from the wind but when we arrived where I had just been the sun had moved. Doh! Quickly I looked for another place - anywhere would do now!

Barking out orders and in a slight panic I asked my good-humoured (fortunately) partner to help me protect it while I got everything ready. It wasn't over yet! Many more times I replaced the thorns again and twisted it and tweaked it to get it right and then the sun moved again! Arrggghh I am going to miss the boat!

But finally everything was right and the shutter clicked away as I got the picture I wanted. Phew! Why did I try this on such a windy day! I must be mad!


amy said...

Your work is amazing and so inspirational. Thank you!

Sarah said...

Aaaah this is very pretty, worth the hassle!

Lia said...

Your work is sensational and makes me smile when I see it! I wish I could view it in a larger size on my computer.

Richard Shilling said...

Thanks Sarah and Amy.

Thank you Lia. I am having to save my large images as I am currently working on a book which should be published very soon. I hope someone will like to buy it when it is out.

But if you send me your email address to then I will send you a larger image of your choice to use for your wallpaper. :-)

ArtPropelled said...

Love this one!

DJ said...

Lovely. The shapes within the shapes fascinate me.