Saturday, May 09, 2009

Rainbow Arches

Rainbow Arches, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

The weather did indeed make a turn for the worse and at lunchtime it absolutely lashed it down.

But after the storm came the calm. The wind was gradually dropping and the sun bright and strong. There was only one thing for it. To the leaf mobile!

The three arches are made from hazel twigs stripped of their bark. The leaves:- red: copper beech, yellow/pink: maple and yellow/green: oak.

I sat on a bench under a tree and enjoyed the warmth of the sunshine as I threaded the leaves onto the sticks.

An Eastern European couple wandered by enjoying their holiday and day in the park. They seemed to be expecting especially bad weather as they were dressed up to the nines in heavy jackets and woolly hats.

They stopped by a curiously bent tree and pointed at it for a good ten minutes. Then the lady took off her hat and produced a mirror and a brush from her bag. She then spent the next five minutes brushing her hair. Then she draped herself around the tree while her partner took her photo. This went on for another ten minutes (this was much more interesting than what I was doing). Then they swapped places. He brushed his hair and then she took hold of the camera and directed him into different poses as she took his picture. Several minutes more passed and then they put back on the hats and set off again along the path only for them to come across an interesting rock 10 metres further on. I'll bet you can guess what happened next.


madradiant said...

you sounded sort of sad that no-one had commented on this ... so here i am!
I am lapping up everything at the moment, and in fact this one encouraged me this afternoon to fidddle about in the garden with hazel twigs and leaves just to see what would happen... well, nothing happened really, it was a minor disaster... but you inspired the attempt.

i enjoyed reading the blog and whilst this piece was not as dramatic as some you have done, it is still worthy and inspirational.. so thank you...

Richard Shilling said...

Thanks Jane. I am a little over sensitive sometimes. And it can be a rollercoaster showing all your work instantly on the internet as I do. It certainly is a new and raw way of sharing your work. BUt I do enjoy it that way!