Monday, April 20, 2009

4 Colour Sun Wheel

4 Colour Sun Wheel, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

Back at work today. And it was dull, dull, dull. So of course I day-dreamed of land art. I wanted to bring together the experimental ideas I have been trying out recently. Colours, circles and sunlight. I wanted to take more care and be more precise too. Fortunately rhododendron leaves are robust and can take a little more abuse than the fresh new leaves but still I cursed every time I snapped a thorn or stuck one into the end of my finger.

We are fortunate to have wonderful park in Lancaster, full of diverse plants, hidden nooks and crannies, sandstone outcrops and magical hidden corners. Unfortunately the windless evening proved popular with the midges too and they were really in their element nibbling my ears.

I seem to be blessed when it comes to finding the right conditions for photography. The light was perfect and the background quite striking and in a few short minutes I had some nice pictures recorded. The low evening light meant that the high constrast look I like was achieved without any post processing. These are just as they came out of the camera apart from a little cropping. Fortunate indeed. A few minutes later the sun dropped enough so that the wheel was no longer illuminated, I had arrived at exactly the right time.