Sunday, April 26, 2009

Circle Cube - Caged Star

Circle Cube - Caged Star, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

Now after spouting allsorts of arty-farty nonsense yesterday I had another idea. Make six circles and join them together to make a cube. Why? Because it might look cool! No concept required just a cool thing to create.

But in the tradition of my land art I did learn a few things today. I learnt that if you mount a sculpture on a flimsy twig then the wind will keep bending it over and you won't be able to take it's photo.

I discovered that if you are unlucky and you want the sun to come out to illuminate what you have made then that isn't going to happen when there is a single stripe of black cloud, with bright sunshine either side and that stripe blocks the sun for a few hours. I noticed the wind was less when the sun was in but as soon as it came out so did huge clouds of midges that would get in the picture (and my ears, nose and down my socks), and they would only go away when the wind started to get up and then the sculpture would move too much to get a picture!

And one final thing I learnt was that not all pictures look best with the sun. After two hours of waiting for it to come out it turns out the best pictures were had two hours previously when the sun was in! Go figure.

Sometimes an object is nicer in real life than in a photo, and sometimes it is the other way around. For me this one is the former. But I have other plans for the cube sometime later.

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