Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Diamond Cairn

Diamond Cairn, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

I am totally fed up with Spring now, all those flowers and leaves and colours are really getting on my nerves! (just kidding)

It was a bit overcast this afternoon so I went for a stroll in the hills. I wasn't sure what to build so I just messed around seeing what took shape.

The square rock serving as the base under the point of the diamond wasn't flat and gently rocked if pushed. Each new layer had to be added two at a time to counterbalance. I was really surprised to get it to stay up first go but it didn't last long, 5 minutes and it toppled.


PLUMe said...

a carin with light inside. nice idea. like the diamond feflect light

Sarah said...

What a great spot....japanese influence?

Richard Shilling said...

Thanks guys.

Sarah: Now I am moving a little bit away from Goldsworthy's stuff I have no idea when the ideas do come from. I do like the simplicity of Japanese art so perhaps you are right. Thanks for stopping by.