Friday, April 10, 2009

Dock Leaf Sun Circle

Dock Leaf Sun Circle, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

The weather was typical for Easter. Overcast, dull and drizzly. I gathered some materials locally and spent the day at home working on some new ideas. I've been practicing making circles with newly grown shrubs, twigs and branches and I made a miniature bowl with beech leaves and a concentric circle design. All for another day.

I wanted to do something with new green leaves and so I collected some dock leaves and pinned them to a circular frame I had made. It was just crying out for some sunlight to make it look its best.

The weather was kind to me and as I headed up to the hills a few breaks in the cloud started to appear and soon after it brightened up more. The breeze was very light, which was fortunate as this piece was extremely flimsy, but it seemed as the sun broke through so did the wind start to intensify. Each section of leaf started to flap or come away from the frame. This can be the most frustrating (but also most satisfying) part of ephemeral land art: trying to keep it together long enough to takes its photograph. It collapsed soon after getting these shots.

In keeping with the ethos of my land art, this sculpture demonstrates the new growth of spring. The fresh twig growth means that it is possible to make a circle as they are pliable and soft enough to shape and to hold together. Later in the season this would not be possible. The delicate new dock leaves displaying their fresh green-ness reveal something about Spring too.

I can't decide which picture is best hence the gaggle of shots presented here, and there are still more that I wanted to post.

Using thorns and leaves is difficult, that is why there are so many holes in the leaves. They tear and break so easily. One day I want to be skillful enough to make something like this perfectly so the green is a solid slab of colour. There is always something new to learn and techniques to perfect. I wouldn't want it any other way!

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Morag "Errant" Hickman said...

My heart leapt when I saw this.
The vibrant colours and geometric shapes of your leaf sun constructions are so joyous - I can't thank you enough for sharing your work, it brightens my day.