Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pebble Square Diptych - one week elapsed

Pebble Square Diptych, originally uploaded by e s c h e r.

This was created for the Land Art Connections Project on Flickr. This months theme being Time.

I created this about a month ago. The top picture was from that day, I built it on the platform so that it would be set against the shallow water of the river.

A week later I went back along to that section of the River Lune to see if it was still there. Whilst I was walking along the bank approaching the place I was disappointed to see it had gone. "Someone must have kicked it over" I thought.

A little way along my partner had made another sculpture, a line of stones along the waters edge. As I approached I realised that the river level had dropped considerably. The line of pebbles was now beached feet away from the water.

I realised then that my pebble square sculpture might indeed still be there as I was looking for something in the water when I was searching.

Lo and behold as I went over to the spot there it was camouflaged amongst the shingle. I was very surprised to see it there! Whilst it was very obvious when on the water it wasn't until I was right upon it that I could see it.

It hadn't rained at all in the intervening week so I guess it shouldn't have been a surprise to discover the level had dropped. I try to reveal aspects of nature and its cycles with my art and returning a week later had shown me a little about the behaviour of the river.

Also you may notice that in the original picture the orange/brown stones in the top right hand corner are darker than orange ones in the bottom row. At the time I though they were different types of sandstone but once the pebbles had dried it became clear that they were the same but one set was wetter than the other.

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